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Great for Both Image Creation and Text Generating AI.

As of this writing, AI is THE hot topic and the possibilities are VERY impressive! On top of that, advancements in seemingly magical generators are happening daily and many platforms offer several different options for models that have been trained for a specific purpose. Today I saw a greeting card sentiment generator! I mean come on, who hasn’t needed one of those at least once before?

With all of this new technology being offered, keeping track of who offers what, for how much, as well as what prompts have, or have not, resulted in your desired result, is becoming a challenge.

This prompted notebook will help you sort it all out and is suitable for everyone who uses, or is considering using AI. You’ll be able to list styles, models, and keep track of the prompts that take what you’re thinking and make it appear right before your eyes!

  • Keep track of platforms, features and pricing.
  • Sketch pages and space for doodles and notes.
  • Take notes on prompts, to fine tune them to get the results that you need.
  • Multiple options and differing formats to suit how YOU organize.


5″ x 8″ lined

College (Narrow) Ruled

Wide Ruled


8″ x 10″ lined

College (Narrow) Ruled

Wide Ruled